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About Us

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About You

We are convinced that you are more important than us so that is why we have an ‘About You’ page and not an ‘About Us’ page. What has struck us in many years of dealing with the online world and the businesses that operate in it is that many IT companies are very quick to sell or promote high margin products or services or demonstrate the latest technology at your expense.

Your business success is our business success and the only way this can be achieved is to provide you with solutions that help grow your business and give you a competitive edge. No matter what size your business is, we are able to achieve real tangible improvements to your online success, whether it is your first business venture as a dynamic start-up or whether you are the marketing manager of a large corporation.

Dynamic Start-ups

As a smaller company or dynamic start-up it is often difficult to assess the impact of your online presence. You don’t know what you don’t know and it is often after years of trading and experience that you look back and say, if only i knew…..

It is very important in the early stages to seek sound professional advice. We see a lot of start-up companies quite understandably trying to reduce costs but with the disastrous outcome of damaging the business and it’s reputation. If you have a website then it is your duty to portray your company as the serious and professional outfit that you are. Compare and contrast your top five competitors and be honest with yourself and ask the question, “which one would I do business with?”

Medium Sized Companies

As an established business, focusing on your online presence and internet marketing strategy is necessary in terms of growing the business and increasing your market share. Obtaining well placed rankings on the search engines, dominating niche areas, automating email marketing and ensuring customers are coming to you will push you ahead of the competition. As a medium sized company, you will be very much focused on a broad range of areas that will help your business, including affiliate marketing, niche pay per click advertising, internationalisation, targeted search engine optimisation, passive income streams, online public relations and focused link building.

Corporate Entities

Any training and consultancy from Fresh Digital Media will provide a source of new and exciting business boosting ideas that can be implemented by us or your team. There are a number of areas in which a partnership with Fresh Digital Media will assist:

  • Online strategies
  • Competitor analysis for market segmentation
  • Training for marketing departments who need specialised online marketing training
  • Research into national, international and global markets
  • Provision of online marketing blueprint documents