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Ever wondered how to get those highly visible yellow star reviews next to your Google pay per click ads? How about the +1 button or the list of other services, all with hyperlinks to different pages of your website? We have all seen them but how do we get them to appear?

As an aside if you are unfamiliar with the incredible power of pay per click then take a look at the introductory article, pay per click advertising

Let’s take the category of shoes. Below we have and two advertisers using the pay per click model. They both have a Google AdWords account and each time a user searches for some key terms they have defined, their ads may appear. The very basic setup of an Google pay per click ad is as follows:

A Headline  – max. 25 characters
A URL or Domain Name – max 35 characters
A Description – two lines of 35 characters max. for each line


Zappos Example

Take a look at and how they have maximised their ad space, their visibility and also increased their chances of the user clicking the ad. They have made use of the mandatory headline (Zappos – More than Shoes), included the URL ( and the two lots of 35 characters for the description (Shoes, Boots, Clothing, Denim, Bags & Free Shipping On All Orders!). Notice Google displays this as one line on ads that appear at the top and bottom of the search page.

Where Zappos has incrreased its changes is that they have used Google’s ‘seller ratings‘ feature, ‘social extensions‘ and ‘sitelinks‘. The seller rating is a feature that allows Google to aggregate feedback posted on various sites on the web and average a seller rating that is displayed next to your ad. The social extensions allows the advertiser to link their Google My Business pages (which are FREE) to the ad which again bolsters the ad space. And last of all they have taken advantage of ‘sitelinks‘ which allow an advertiser to provide supplementary information on other pages on their website that a user may feel are relevant.

Google decides which of the above to show in order that the user gets the best possible experience for the search query provided.

Entry Level Example

The two ads below are showing on Google with this basic information. Not bad, but are they utilising all of the ad features? They are at least visible on the first page of Google for a number of key terms and phrases.


So, my question for you today is: Are you making the most out of your Google Adwords ads?

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