Facebook’s 10 year master plan – Let’s take a look

Social Media part 2

Why are you doing Social Media - part 2 Social Media is supposed to be social so it’s a good idea to have your target audience in mind at all times. Instead of just having something to post on Social Media it often helps to have a customer avatar clearly defined. A customer avatar is a visual image you have of your ideal or typical customer. You may…
October 1, 2017

Social Media part 1

Why are you doing Social Media - part 1 Social Media Objectives and Planning Are you ‘doing’ Social Media because everybody else is ‘doing’ Social Media. That’s fine on a personal level, but when in business there needs to be some specific and measurable actions using the right strategies to achieve some well-defined outcomes. Think about business Social Media the same way as you would about a weight…
September 15, 2017

Social Media And Your Business

Social Media FAQ’s and SAQ’s (Should Ask Questions) Top 5 frequently asked questions I get from business owners in relation to social media. The facts. What social media sites should we be using? What should we be posting and how often? How much time is all this going to take? How do we know if it’s working? Shouldn’t we just focus on Facebook and Twitter? The better questions…
May 12, 2017

Social Media Facts

A few stats to get your head around….. General 65% of business trip customers book online. 88% of leisure trippers research online before buying. 56% of movie ticket searches occur on mobile devices. 30% of affluent travellers have booked a last-minute trip from a mobile device. 59% of hotel guests now book online. 54% of people find new brands through search. People aged 55-64 are more than twice…
April 5, 2017