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How much is this going to cost?

A valid question from any business owner embarking on a new online advertising platform. Today I am going to peel back the Adwords interface and show you some ‘inside baseball’!

Let’s take the first page of Google. You will see a maximum of 4 advertisers at the top, then at the bottom of the page 4 more. Google offers these 3 broad categories.

Est. first position bid (The top most listing)
Est. top of page bid (One of four positions at the top which may vary)
Est. first page bid (Somewhere on the first page)

Adwords CostThis is what is looks like in Adwords. The estimated costs columns need to be added.

Finding Keyword Prices in Adwords

If we click on ‘modify columns’ as below.

Under attributes you need to select the three items below.

Adwords Estimated Bids

This adds the estimated cost for each particular keyword. Remember there are a lot more paramaters at play that influence your actual cost.

Findind Adwords Estimated Bids

That’s it. Happy marketing and get us involved in your Adwords campaigns to ensure you are maximising your potential.

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