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Google My Business Stats

Ever wondered about the Google My Business Stats and how many people find your business on your Google My Business listing or how many people clicked on the ‘call’ button or clicked on ‘directions’ or clicked on ‘website’ or found you on the map listings?

These stats give a good indication of the traffic to your website and add a new dimension to revealing how people interact with your business.

First things first

Before we start, let’s assume you have a Google My Business account and that it is fully optimised and verified. Remember, you will need a Gmail account for this. Any issues you can contact us using the details below.

Sign in and discover

Once signed in click on the three rows of elipses on the top right of your screen. The menu will drop down. Choose ‘My Business’.

As an aside take a look at all the other features Google provides just by having a Gmail account.

Once you click on ‘My Business’ you will be presented with the home page of ‘My Business’.

All you need to do is scroll down this page until you see ‘Insights’. Now click on the ‘View Insights’ button.

This is where you can now start looking at the various stats.

Understanding insights – Google My Business Stats

Google My Business Insights consists of six sections, each of which gives you a different way to understand how customers interact with your listing.

  • How customers find your listing
  • Where customers find you on Google
  • Customer actions
  • Direction requests
  • Phone calls
  • Photos

How customers find your listing

This section shows how many customers found you in a “Direct” search (they searched for your business name or address) versus a “Discovery” search (they searched for a category, product or service that you offer, and your listing appeared).

  • Direct searches
  • Discovery searches

Where customers find you on Google

This section shows how many customers found you via Google Search or Google Maps.

Customer actions

This section shows what customers did once they found your listing on Google. “Total actions” gives the total of the following types of actions that customers took on your listing:

  • Visit your website
  • Request directions
  • Call you
  • View photos

Direction requests

This section shows where on the map people request directions to your business. You’ll see your location pinned on the map, and a map that shows the most popular places from which people ask Google Maps for directions to your address.

Phone calls

This section shows when and how often customers called your business via your listing on Google. At the top of the section, “Total calls” gives the total number of phone calls in the time frame that you’ve selected.


This section shows the number of photos associated with your listing and how often they’re viewed compared with photos of businesses similar to yours. The “Photo views” graph shows the number of times your photos have been viewed by Google users, and the “Photo quantity” graph shows the number of photos uploaded by you.

Good luck with your Google My Business Stats

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