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How To Choose The Best Web Designer – Your website and associated digital content are some of the most important aspects of your business, digital program, or web plan. In today’s digital world, most people conduct their business and target their marketing through online strategies and platforms. Additionally, your website is often the first impression that people have of your company and can serve as a valuable way to convert web traffic into clients and/or customers. This means that, if you aren’t taking the time to ensure that your web designer is crafting quality content, you are failing to set yourself up for success in the highly competitive digital market. But, with so much on the line, how do you know which web designer is going to give you the results that your business really needs?

Things to consider when selecting your web designer

  • Client involvement: When discussing your goals with designers, ask questions about how involved you will be in the process. A good designer will ask questions, hold discussion meetings, and send regular updates to ensure that the client is involved in the process from start to finish.
  • Project requirements: Analyse the specifics of what you are looking for a web designer to do. Having an idea of what specialty your specifications fall under will help you to ask the right questions when interviewing a designer.
  • Time frame: Everyone wants lightning-fast results, but if a company is promising you timelines that seem too good to be true, it might be. Quality work takes time and immediate deliverables might mean that quality is being traded for quantity.
  • Outsourcing: Hiring a company who handles all aspects of production and maintenance in house means that the company can personally guarantee the quality of the service, and any issues that arise can be dealt with promptly

What sets us apart?

The prevalence of digital content means there are hundreds of web designers out there looking to take advantage of the demand and mass-produce cheap, ineffective content. Fresh Digital Media seeks to bring quality and originality to a realm overrun by templates and outsourcing. Some of the benefits of choosing Fresh Digital Media for your next project include:

  • Bespoke designs: Each design is uniquely crafted from scratch without the use of cheap templates.
  • Discussion: We take the time to figure out exactly what it is you want and need so that we can best deliver on these expectations. We do this through regular meetings with clients to discuss brand, colours, and logo as well as the explicit purpose the content needs to serve. We will even discuss our competitors as the quality of our work speaks for itself.
  • Prompt troubleshooting: We own and manage our own servers and don’t outsource components such as domains and emails. Keeping everything in house means that we are able to deal with any issues immediately and your online products are faster and more secure.
  • Satisfaction guarantee: Because we spend so much time ensuring that our work is just right, we stand behind it one hundred percent and guarantee satisfaction at the design phase.

Fresh Digital Media knows what it takes to create content that stands out from the crowd. While some companies may quickly manufacture a bright, colourful logo or flashy graphics for a brand, we pride ourselves on creating bespoke campaigns and content that have been deliberately crafted with your individual company or project in mind. We believe in the power and quality of our content and our designs and know that our attention to individualised detail and care in production are what set us apart from other web designers. If you are ready to have your digital content work harder and go further for you, reach out to Fresh Digital Media today to request an initial consultation.

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