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Keeping You Safe Through Cyber Security – Your personal and business data, if compromised, can cause misery, distress and loss of money and business.

From cloaking, phishing, malware and spyware to trojans, root kits, skimming and worms. It’s all out there and growing at an alarming rate.

But….there are some simple steps that you can take to minimise the risks and protect yourself.

Here are some government sites and initiatives to help you gain clarity.

Useful sites to keep you safe through cyber security

Guidance for small businesses on how to put simple cyber security measures in place.

Security and safety for business owners.

15 Videos on cyber security.

Too busy? Download this guide

This guidance explains the threat from cyber attack and shows how you can protect your business. It includes advice on:

  • using strong passwords
  • updating software
  • providing simple staff awareness and training
  • managing risk
  • using the Cyber Essentials scheme to protect against common online threats

The advice will help you to protect your

  • business information
  • cash flow
  • customers
  • reputation

You can download it here: >> Small Business Cyber Security Guide

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