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We’ve got our eye on your business BUT our clients also have an eye on us. And rightfully so. We produce monthly reports on progress and have regular checkpoint meetings to ensure we are all on track. Face to face is always better and as we don’t pin you down to long contracts there is no complacency our end. It’s a mistake a lot of agencies make. Complacency. And you don’t want to be on the bad end of that.

Social media schedules, competitor analysis, ranking changes, advice and guidance on new ways to promote and improve your digital presence, website changes and much more are all regularly discussed so we ALL work as a team to help your business.

Make sure you get monthly progress reports and contact from your digital agency and don’t be shy to get them to explain what they are doing. If you are not happy with the response, give us a call or pop in for a meeting to discuss what good looks like!

Happy digital marketing.

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