We were asked to create a catalogue style website that could contain thousands of items in different categories. One of main challenges was to collate the images and graphics from the different suppliers and ensure a consistent presentation style that was easy to use and navigate for the end user.

The site had to be easy to use and manage and would be used as a promotional tool so changes to the offers on the home page was an important aspect of the project.


We presented HB with two unique designs in the form of a computer aided mock-up. The mock-ups are a starting point and kick start an open discussion on what works, what doesn’t and how they can be improved.

We modified the mock-ups until we had a working test site. Only when the client is totally happy do we implement the actual live site. The finished version can be modified as and when the in-house team require.

TECH USED: WordPress Customisation, CMS, PHP, HTML5, jQuery