Sams Accommodation approached us to produce a new online platform that would ensure business continuity and help promote the business in the local area.

The new site has been designed to respect the red and black branding that Sams are know for. The site has all the student and residential lettings arranged in an easy to use interface. Sections for landlords, residential and student users have been provided.


A number of elements were important in this project. We made good use of a dynamic slider on the home page and ensured users where able to find a property easily and quickly using filters and option buttons.

The backend implmentation has been custom made so that Sams can drag and drop properties in place so they automatically show on the home page. The site has been designed for speed and flexibility allowing updates and modifications to be carried out in-house.

TECH USED: Responsive Design, Custom Programming, VPS Server, WordPress Development, Admin Control Panel