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Are You Leaving Money On The Table?

If you are in B2C then your prospects and customers are more likely to be looking for your products and services using a mobile, smart device or tablet (sales of the old-fashioned laptop and desktop PC’s are on a fast decline in the consumer market). Depending on the device, users will have a different experience of your website. In fact, the older your website, the less likely it is that users are going to have any experience at all on a mobile or smart device. Those that show may require the user to pinch and scroll rather than having the site configure to the device.


The Responsive Web – Adapt Or Die

The main reason is that the website hasn’t been coded to be what we term “responsive”. The term “responsive website” means that the entire site auto configures to the device that it is being viewed on. The user should have a good experience and should be able to navigate clearly and easily through your website, whether they are looking on an iPhone, Kindle, tablet, laptop, PC or widescreen TV. Until recently it was quite difficult to achieve this because there are a number of technologies that need to come together to make this possible. The technology is still not perfect and there are a few gremlins on some devices, but everything we do now at DM Informatics is responsive.

Check Your Site Now

Instead of guessing or borrowing every device under the sun click on this link, Responsive Emulator, or on the image above and you will be taken to a site that allows you to type in your domain name and check your site. It will show you how your website looks on different devices. Basically, it’s a device emulator used by designers and developers. Give it a go and see how you get on. It may be time to upgrade your website!

Happy Marketing

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