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Why are you doing Social Media – part 2

Social Media is supposed to be social so it’s a good idea to have your target audience in mind at all times. Instead of just having something to post on Social Media it often helps to have a customer avatar clearly defined.

A customer avatar is a visual image you have of your ideal or typical customer. You may have more than one avatar and that’s ok. It’s good to think about how old are they, where they live, what is their income, what are their general interests, what are their buying habits etc. This helps you ‘see’ your target audience when putting content out on your Social Media platforms. With an avatar in mind you are connecting to your target audience with a real message and some useful information rather than just putting content out there in a soulless fashion.

What Tools Do You Need?

Logging in and out of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google + and any other platform is time consuming, so a Social Media management tool quickly becomes essential. You don’t want the posting of your content to become a chore; otherwise you are going to start posting less and less frequently and your messages won’t have any impact.

Fortunately, there are some great tools out there and one of the most popular is HootSuite. HootSuite offer a free and paid plan so that you can manage all your Social Media  platforms in one place. Once you have connected your Social Media platforms to HootSuite you simply login to HootSuite and manage all of your accounts under one roof. If you haven’t got Hootsuite then you may want to jump straight in with a pro version but at least check out the free version at

There are also some great alternatives like and and and

These Social Media management tools give you a number of benefits:

  • You can create content and schedule it for a later date (extremely useful)
  • You can see all your Social Media activity on one dashboard
  • You can create meaningful reports
  • You will save a lot of time as it’s all in one place
  • You can delegate all tasks to a member of your staff
  • You can post or tweet directly from a browser window if something catches your eye

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