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Google is all about providing the best possible results for any given query. That’s it. Pretty simple, isn’t it? So, how does it go about providing the best results for a user’s search term?

It revolves around some 200 parameters and then each one can be broken down further, BUT, one of the most important elements Google is looking for is your website credibility.

Google (and the other search engines) take a lot of time looking for signals that your business is credible and a serious player in the market. One of the ways it does this is by looking across the web to identify if your business is correctly listed on multiple platforms. If your business is listed on a variety of platforms then you won’t be considered as a ‘fly by night business’, in the eyes of Google.

Google wants to see your NAP (Name, Address and Phone) lots of times and it wants to see it consistently and repeatedly across the web.

More NAP visibility = more enquiries + more sales + better search engine rankings.

Here are three ways in which you can achieve this. Remember, over time, this will give you a ranking boost and help you get a higher listing on the map section of Google.

Number One

Claim your Google My Business listing and ensure it contains all the correct details. Use local telephone numbers rather than non geo numbers and then use Google My Business as the template for all your other NAP submissions across the web.

Number Two

Make sure your NAP appears on your website, multiple times if you can. You get bonus points for ensuring you have a dynamic Google map on your website as well. A mistake often made is displaying the address as an image. Make sure it is plain text so check with your web designer.

Number Three

Take the time to list your NAP on all the local and national directories. This will take the most amount of time but this is where you will get the results. These are often referred to as citations. The more of these Google finds, the better.

These directories have a number of benefits such as greater visibility, getting your business to a wider audience and offering your audience the ability to provide reviews. Provide as much information as you can. Many will allow photos, logos, videos, full business descriptions, Social Media  links and much more so make use of what they allow you to post.

Some require a simple account setup whilst others allow you to add your details immediately. Most of these are free but many offer upgrades for a annual fee so choose wisely. My recommendation is to do all the free accounts first, wait 8-12 weeks then analyse the results.

To get you started, take a look at these top FREE sites that are respected by Google.


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