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Internet Marketing Training

Online marketing training for business owners through to marketing departments

Internet marketing training

Imagine having a personalised online marketing Blueprint specially designed to increase your sales and profits in the short, medium and long term.

There are two ways to achieve increased profits with your online investment.

  • Employ an Internet Marketing expert who will meet you in person, devise an online strategy, and then give you real tangible results that will increase your online enquiries and subsequent sales by 50% – 500%.
  • Obtain a detailed blueprint plan that has been researched for your specific needs and personalised so that a 1-1 training session for you or a member of staff can be used to talk you through the process. With this approach, there are no on going fees or subscriptions to pay and you implement the winning strategies at a pace that suits you and your business needs.

The advantage of the second solution is that there are no contracts, subscriptions or ongoing fees and you are in complete control. Our Blueprint process comes in four specifically adapted packages.

  • BRONZE PACKAGE – Aimed at small business owners and dynamic startups who want to take control and get ahead.
  • SILVER PACKAGE – Aimed at small/medium businesses who have an internally appointed marketing person.
  • GOLD PACKAGE – Aimed at larger businesses who may have an international reach.
  • PLATINUM PACKAGE – Aimed at buisnesses where an ongoing coaching relationship in online marketing is essential.

IT training for website designers and developers

As a design or development agency, one of the questions that most of your clients will no doubt ask, mostly when the project goes live is, ‘why aren’t we listed on Google for xyz’. This is often a genuine question and one that leaves most professional designers and developers with a dilema. Having creating a stunning website, your clients joy has been dampened by the fact that their new website can’t be found, or that the number of enquires and sales is not as expected.

We understand this as many of our customers simply require the design of a website and not the promotion of the website. There is a big difference between the two and they are two separate skillsets.

You can help those clients by designing a highly marketable website from the outset. By following our simple advice and guidance you will not only give your clients the visual presence that they so desire but also the business presence they need from their online investment.

At Fresh Digital Media we will ensure your new projects are fully optimised and making money for your clients. A true win/win.

IT training for marketing departments

As a marketing expert, you will be concerned with how your company’s website is performing. For a modest investment, we are able to make you the champion of your business by providing you with the tools and knowledge to promote your business to the next level.

You will have the knowledge and insight to dramatically change a number of areas concerning your online marketing. You may wish to outsource to us some of the technical onsite areas whilst we give you the step by step process that focuses on the offsite internet marketing which accounts for a large percentage of the success of any website nowadays. Maybe you need some advice and guidance on using Social Networks for business or wish to leverage the full potential of gaining a competitive advantage with Search Engine Optimisation.