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Strategy and Coaching

World class business consultancy and strategic plans specific to your business

Strategy and Coaching

We all need a coach and its not just reserved for athletes. Business owners and entrepreneurs all need a coach to ensure they are on the right track.

The coaching process from Fresh Digital Media

It’s important you engage a coach that is coaching you in the subject he or she is expert in. You need a coach with battle scars and someone who has great successes and great failures. In other words you need a coach with real world experience. So, how do we provide coaching for ‘internet marketing’. Our process is outlined below.

  • Assess and Set Goals – The first step is to assess where you are at the present time with your web presence and online marketing. We are likely to ask you to identify the software and tools you currently use together with the strategies you use.
  • Explore and Evaluate any Issues – This will enable us to see if there are any roadblocks that may be in your way or any technical, resource or personal issues that may hamper your success.
  • Generate Options – After setting your goals and exploring and evaluating any issues we are able to generate a number of options for the planning and implementation phase. These options may involve suggestions such as outsourcing labour intensive strategies or investing in specialised software or taking on part time help.
  • Develop an Action Plan – This crucial element will provide a framework for implementing all the ideas discussed during the goal setting process.
  • Review and Evaluate – This part is a constant and iterative process that ensures that any fine tuning is carried out in a measured and timely manner.

How and when does the coaching take place?

We provide coaching either on a one to one, face to face basis at agreed times OR via video conference OR via telephone OR via email. In some cases there will be a mixture of more than one and this is to suit each individuals needs and requirements.