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Are You Using Webinars For Your Business? Webinars are by far the best way to engage with your visitors, built a relationship and of course your email list. That’s why a great webinar platform is essential to build a great marketing plan.

Bring together customers, prospects or suppliers and show them what you do. Webinars are also a wonderful way of establishing credibility and expertise in your industry.

Here is a list of some popular ones. Personally I find Webex and GoToMeeting easy to use and they are packed with some great features. Don’t forget to get a copy of your webinar as this can then be replayed, sold or offered as an up-sell in your business at a later date.

Less well known, though just as robust as the webinar services above, AnyMeeting offers a number of plans, most of which include the features you’d love to have. They’re also focused on small businesses which means that they may understand your challenges better.

Run interactive live webinars with features including real-time polls, downloads, question and answer, and more.

Cisco Webex
Cisco Webex offers unlimited meetings a month for up to 25 people is $49/month. They are one of the best-known web conferencing solutions and offer mobile access (even from an iPhone or iPad), attendee polls, and all the other cool features you hope for in a webinar.

Click Webinar
Click Webinar offers almost all the features you’ll need, Click Webinar is a robust solution with a lower price tag so be sure to check them out as an option for your small business webinars.

Great webinar platform that has a free plan up to 50 attendees.

If you want to turn your recorded webinars into a constantly available stream of content, then EverWebinar is worth a look. Not only can you automate your webinars with this tool, you can also hold “Just In Time Webinars” that kick off right after a prospect registers. They also offer a robust scheduling system that automatically assures that your webinar does not run at a weird time, such as the middle of the night.

GoTo Meeting
This online meeting platform allows users to host unlimited meetings with up to 25 attendees and is supported for Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, and Android.

A cloud-based video conferencing platform that allows up to 15 users to talk via webcams.

Another webinar tool built around Google+ hangouts, Webinar Jam offers amazing features and functionality for a very low price. This is definitely one solution to check out.

Webinar Ninja
Webinar Ninja offers lots of powerful options for webinar presenters, including four different types of webinars.It has a lot of flexible options for webinar presenters with different pricing options

One of the more robust budget webinar tools, Yugma offers plans that might fit your budget.

Thanks to their free online meeting service, Zoom has become quite popular. Not many people know that they also offer a video webinar service that can handle up to 3,000 attendees.

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