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Blogging Websites

Powerful bespoke blogging platforms with a global impact and reach

Blogging websites – packing an online punch

We’ve all heard of the popular term ‘blog’ and these used to be looked at as online diaries where users would write their thoughts and in many cases, allow other people to comments on their blog posts. Nowadays you need to think about blogging platforms as fully functional websites or a complete website solution. These powerful platforms allow users to completely manage their own sites and update all the content.

We are experienced in all the professional blogging systems and in particular Word Press. We customise these to your requirements and don’t use templates. These powerful sites can be used as your main website or to promote a niche area of your business. Please contact us for more details about blogging platforms.

What are blogging websites?

A blogging website is very much a complete website. If you opt for a professional blogging platform like (not to be confused with then you will be able to fully manage the look and feel of your website and be in complete control of adding and modifying pages. This will include images, PDF documents, videos and text. When we design such a platform for you we do it to your exact requirements so the site is bespoke to you. Cheaper solutions exist out there and you can purchase templates but do consider that what is often publicised to sell the idea is often very different to what you will receive or be able to do.

Who are they for?

Many business owners like blogging sites because of the freedom they provide. Authors, writers, speakers and service professionals find them easy to maintain and easy to use with a very modest cost for maintenance and upgrades. Don’t assume they are for smaller companies. Many corporate clients opt for this type of solution because of the many benefits.

Why use them?

You don’t have to have a blogging platform as your main website, they can be used for a secondary business or niche area of your business. Another advantage worth mentioning is that there are a number of ‘plugins’ that make your life easier. Interested in creating a translated version of your site? Well there is a plugin for that. What about a contact form, an image gallery or and archiving add-on. Blogging sites can do it all.

As the content is separate from the design you can change the look and feel of your website. The content is stored in a database and is linked to the front end design. If you require a new look or a new ‘theme’ then blogging sites handle this very well without the need for complex code.

So, what are you waiting for, get a Fresh Digital Media blogging platform today and start reaching out to your audience.