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Why use social media – We cannot question the influence of it on modern-day businesses. Every business from big companies to small ones can leverage it to improve their success. According to a study made by Forrester Consulting, about 59 per cent of senior marketers believe that their companies needed digital media to survive. Seventy-one per cent of them also believed that companies could beat the competition by fully using SM.

However, only 37 per cent of these business have fully integrated social media marketing into their marketing strategies. Only 3 in 10 companies have a long-term social media strategy. With these numbers, it may seem that the words of these marketing strategists are not backed up by action. In other words, the study shows that big brands need to invest more.

In this article, we will discuss reasons why you should invest in social media marketing for your business.

SM Influences Decision Making
Harris Poll concluded that one-third of social media consumers use their platforms to tell their friends about the products that they like. This means that businesses can foster brand loyalty by building a network of people who love their products. This is why influencer marketing is a top-rated social media marketing strategy businesses use to boost sales.

According to the Synapse Local Trac Report 2011, Facebook fans spend about $71.84 on products that are their favourite. That was nearly a decade ago. The numbers are expected to be a lot higher today. This goes to show that digital media plays a massive role in helping your target audience create impressions and make decisions about the product or service that you want to offer.

SM Is A Great Way To Create Brand Awareness
Brand Awareness and Recognition is an important marketing goal businesses should set in mind. The reason why is simple. You can’t sell products from a brand that people do not know. The idea of creating brand awareness is simple highlight your brand to your potential customers. This is why in the pre-social media era, creating brand awareness was cumbersome, expensive and didn’t guarantee a ROI. However, you can effectively build brand awareness at little to no substantial cost.

There are so many ways to create awareness for your brand. Buying ads, creating conversations around and telling the unique story of your brand are just some of the ways to create awareness.

SM Will Increase Traffic To Your Website
In digital marketing, traffic is very important. You can’t make sales if you don’t have traffic on your website. Search Engine Optimization is the most popular way to send traffic to your eCommerce website. However, a lot of businesses ignore the traffic goldmine that is social media. It is improbable that all your traffic will come from the search engines. By linking your posts to your websites, you can open a traffic channel that may benefit you more than Search Engine Optimization.

In a sense, social media can have an indirect influence on Search Engine Optimization using link building. For instance, if people share a link to your blog post on social media, your post may rank higher on search engines.

How To Enjoy The Benefits Of SM
There is no doubt about the fact that social media can do a lot of good for your business, however not every business will get positive results. The great thing is that you do not have to do this by yourself, you can hire a competent digital agency such as Fresh Digital Media. We are in the business of providing top-notch marketing services that will increase the visibility of your brand and send sale returns through the roof.  A great resource for all things social is Social Media Examiner.

Our agency is home to a knowledgeable and experienced team that will be dedicated to the success and growth of your business through social media marketing. We will give you the expert advice and guidance that you need to grow your business every step of the way.

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