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Video Marketing

Promote, engage, excite and inform your target audience

Video marketing – engage and excite

Adding video to any website adds a new dimension and offers a greater experience for the end user. It engages the senses and allows you to introduce yourself, your company, your products or services in an instant. Video has a high perceived value and at Fresh Digital Media we are especially adept at promoting video to ensure great pages rankings.

We focus a lot on producing a series of videos for our customers which can be informative, educational or promotional. By creating a series of short videos you will not only be able to dominate the search rankings but also build credibility and trust with your prospective customers. Take a look at some sample intros on our Video Production page.

Our services include:

  • Full video shoot, Intros and outros as appropriate
  • Editing and post production
  • Video to web conversion
  • Integration into your website
  • You Tube account creation and specialist video optimisation
  • Video submission services for search engine optimisation

Remember, once you have a video you can use it on multiple platforms such as the web and DVD and it can be used for promotion on Google My Business, YouTube, Social Media, your website and video directory services.

How can you leverage video for your business?

  • Video testimonials from your customers
  • Product demonstrations
  • Demonstration and presentation of you facility or factory or place of work
  • Interview with staff members
  • Introduction from the business owner
  • Case studies
  • Q and A expert discussions
  • Product and service reviews
  • Company Announcements