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Digital Marketing Consultancy

World class business consultancy and training specific to your business

Initial digital / web consultation

Turning the handle of technology is straightforward. If you want unfocused, uncoordinated tools and strategies I can give you a thousand names. If you want clear, actionable bespoke business building world class consultation and implementation specific to your business, I’ll give you my business card” – Mark Field

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.” – Red Adair

What is Internet Consultancy?

Often referred to as online marketing, Internet marketing or website marketing – In fact anything that affects your online presence and business success can be handled and discussed with an online marketing consultant or website consultant. A consultation with Mark Field will permit a shift in mindset and open up the pathway to increased productivity, efficiency and business opportunities within your business. During a consultation we will discuss the different ways to take your business to the next level primarily via online strategies and this will integrate with your business aims and objectives. This part is essential in putting together a strategy and deeper discussion. I specialise in online strategies, however, I will put forward specific online/offline strategies that will help your business. The online/offline integration is essential.

For the initial consultation you will get to ask your most relevant and burning questions. This is usually conducted via the telephone or in person via prior arrangement.

What are some of the areas we may cover?

  • Your website (ROI, competitors, design issues, bottlenecks to success, advertising ROI etc.)
  • Finding new opportunities within your current business
  • Finding new opportunities and markets outside of your business
  • Evaluating your competitors
  • Reaching out to foreign/niche markets including internationalisation
  • Promoting your products abroad
  • Online lead and traffic generation
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) – local, national and global SEO
  • Pay per click marketing (setup, management and improvements)
  • Online advertising models and platforms
  • Social Media – advertising models and best practices (for more profit)
  • Mobile marketing
  • Email marketing – from set up, sequencing and segmentation to list building, nurture campaigns and funnelling

Applying for a complimentary consultation appointment

For all online marketing consultancy enquiries please email: for availability or to ask any initial questions.